Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to The ANSWERS Blog

Hi and Welcome to the ANSWERS Blog.

I have been very busy working on the next book in The ANSWERS Series - Wyce's Money Book and expect it to be available by Thanksgiving. Along with writing new books, seeing clients, and organizing our next seminar (Oct 11th in NYC), I will do my best to get new thoughts and insights up here as often as possible.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions and we can begin an interactive forum! You can subscribe (free) and as soon as new posts are added you are notified via email.

My best,


Julie, West Islip said...

Hi Karen,
I'm looking forward to reading what you post. I can't thank you enough for the amazing session! See you again soon.

Maggie Kalas said...

Hi, Karen (and Ayn) –

Your new blog just came to my attention and drew me into your website.

In reading the essay - The Law of Attraction vs. Intuition - it was curious to me to further consider that along side our mind's thoughts, we are simultaneously receiving higher messages—both are working within the forces of the Law of Attraction. Now if our thought vibrations are lower than the vibrations of our higher selves or the higher realms, it seems to reinforce the concept of shifting or transforming our state of being to the highest vibration possible, at any given moment, to be more intuitive.

In my experience, I found that people often spontaneously shift to a higher vibration not by their deliberate effort, but from being in kind of non-thinking (or meditative) state like when washing the dishes or driving long distances in the car. It is during these less resistant states that they seem to receive flashes of creative or inspired thoughts.

Here is an example of a situation: you are driving back from the store when you suddenly think of someone you have not seen or heard from in fifteen years. Within two days your paths cross under unusual circumstances. [Note: this was a true example that happened to my neighbor the other day]

It would seem that The Law of Attraction was at play long before that kind of sudden thought and meeting. And that these people were being drawn to each other magnetically over the universal web via a chain of seemingly random circumstances. The intuitive pre-thought was merely a moment in which that person became ‘static free’ (or less resistant), whereby they became a clear channel to receive higher frequencies of information, in this case, that this person was on the way.

Your deeper insight on this example and on how to deliberately be a clearer channel for higher guidance is graciously appreciated.

Thank you for your important teachings.

In light,

Maggie Kalas

Karen L. Garvey said...

Hi Maggie!

Thanks for your perceptive message. My guide who initially constructed the essay is joining me in my response.

We are forever being presented with messages from higher realms [or our higher selves]. Our ability to connect with that information is largely dependent on the quantity and depth of the layers that have masked our intent. When an individual disconnects from his ability to give and receive love to himself or others, he is less likely to be able to connect with the higher messages. This result is just one of the millions of reasons why the vibration that matters most is love.

Thought communications between two people on earth are more common than we realize. (For example, one person thinks about a long lost friend and the friend calls an hour later.) It demonstrates how mediums connect with souls who don’t have physical bodies, and also how souls in the energy realm communicate with each other. The incident that occurred with your neighbor demonstrates that our thought energy can also connect to events or circumstances involving people. Since from the perspective of physical science, there is no such thing as "time,” we can theoretically connect with any moment, past, present, or future. Your neighbor partially connected with a future moment.

As you stated, a person’s intuition can become clear when the individual becomes “static free.” The methods available to “get yourself out of the way” are limitless. Here’s some possibilities: hike, meditate, pray, daydream, yoga, tai chi, visit the beach, drive, shower, swim, get a massage, “talk” to your guides [they’ll hear], watch an inspirational movie, follow your interest, listen to music that resonates with you, use a Ouija board, practice “automatic” writing, chant. Different methods work for different people and no one method works universally. I liken the process to the moment when Helen Keller’s hand was under the water spout and she understood that the symbols signed into her hand represented “water.” You can’t predict when or how you will “know,” but when you discover a glimpse of success, pay attention to your thoughts and actions that surrounded the moment. Practice recreating the circumstances.

I also find that it’s beneficial to initially practice during times when you are content and optimistic. Through my experience, I've discovered that it’s easiest to open the channel when you are vibrating in the energy closest to the energy of love – since the conduit for thought energy to connect is love. After the skill becomes more pronounced, it becomes possible to open the channel during less happy moods.

Thanks again for your message!

My best,